Irena Marusincova

Czech Republic

In my research, I focus on teaching values in the context of Quaker families and Sunday schools. Inspired by the pedagogue and cognitive psychologist Reuven Feuerstein and his brother Shmuel Feuerstein, I especially focus on possibilities of mediated learning and its advantages in comparison with learning through direct exposure. After the theoretical part of my work where I explain Feuerstein´s approach in details and I compare it with other cognitive theories, I will be concerned with Quaker approach to education in general and then concretely with Quaker approach to teaching values to children in families and Quaker meetings. I would like to find out if mediated learning predominates in this area and why (not). I also would like to explore which values are actually the most important for Quakers.


Quaker values, Feuerstein´s method, mediated learning experience, teaching values, cultural transmission

About Irena Marusincova

I am a Feuerstein teacher which means, I passed all courses of Feuerstein´s method and I work with his programme in a private centre and I apply his principles teaching languages at a high school as well. I am fascinated by his theory and programme which allows to develop and improve the mental skills of everybody. The principles of his theory are applicable to whatever content. What I consider as very important is Feurestein´s respect to each individual and his strong belief in human modifiability as well. His respect and the ability to see in every individual the best brought me to the idea that there is something similar between his and Quaker approach to people.

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