Kathie McLelland

Kathie McLelland

I am exploring the decline, laying down, and re-establishing of Keighley Preparative Meeting (Yorkshire) in the nineteenth century.  I am looking into contributing factors for such developments – political, social, and religious.

In comparison with the increasingly robust Preparative Meeting in Bradford, ten miles away, a number of PMs in this area went into terminal decline. Few were re-established.

This is an analysis of how Quaker life changed, in relation to other lives lived in the area, and as part of the life of the nation at that time.


Nineteenth Century, Keighley Quakers, Bradford Quakers, Quakers in Yorkshire, Evangelicalism, Quaker campaigns

About Kathie McLelland

(United Kingdom)

I was born, and grew up, in Keighley.  When I returned after many years away, I became involved with Keighley Quaker Meeting. This study comes out of my abiding interest in the history of the town and my increasing commitment to understanding the Quaker Way. The nineteenth century brought change – to politics, to society and to religious organisations.

In this study, I will critically examine Quaker Meeting records, and other resources, Quaker, and non-Quaker, to expose what it meant to be a Friend in this part of Yorkshire (and, more broadly, in the United Kingdom).  This will take into consideration the complex lives of some key individuals involved with Keighley Meeting, by examining their personal lives (where possible), and their religious, social, and, in some cases, their political activism.

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I am in my first year of study.


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