Oscar Lugusa Malande

Oscar Lugusa Malande

I will be examining the development and growth of Quakerism as part of the larger Christendom in the African context. It will be informed by studying the formation of Quakerism in the context of African Christianity and Global Friends. Another important part that I will be looking at is how Quaker way of living has impacted life in the African context and the rest of the world. I would also like to add to the continuing global dialogue initiative in developing African Quaker theological voice.


Development Growth African Christian Quakerism

About Oscar Lugusa Malande


There will be engagement with previous scholarship, interviews, and visits to different localities to collect data for the research. There will be extensive interviews either in person or through email and Skype. Some of the people to be interviewed are those who have been and are in church leadership, those who have been and are in leadership at Friends Theological College, Kaimosi in Kenya, Quaker organizations’ leadership, congregants, non-Quakers, and other people from other faiths. It will be accompanied with visits to other parts of Africa. I will visit some of the homes of the key people who have participated immensely in formation of Quakerism in Africa. I will either get in touch or visit Friends organization offices in getting access to some of the materials in their archives that might be helpful. Other places to visit or get in touch with are the international libraries to get more information that is not available here in Africa. Reference to church tradition, scripture, and reason will be necessary. Dialogue of African culture and Quakerism in the Christian context will also be analysed.

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