Zoë Simms

England, UK

An examination of whether exposure to Quaker values at school affects adult character

This research question seeks to ascertain whether receiving an education in a Quaker school has any impact on character and values into adulthood.  I propose that the Quaker testimonies to Truth, Equality, Justice, Peace, Simplicity and Sustainability, which are inherent (both implicitly and explicitly) within a Quaker education framework, may influence alumni in their choices and decisions when they leave school and move into higher education, work and family life.


Quaker, Education, Character, Values, Alumni

About Zoë Simms

Quaker schools educate thousands of students per year and these are nominally called into membership by their attendance during this time.  Potentially they carry with them into their future lives the values of the Quaker testimonies and, therefore, from their exposure to Quakerism they become ‘invisible’ or ‘anonymous’ Quakers within the world. I am both a Quaker and an educator and will use Alumni from Sibford School, Leighton Park School and Sidcot School to frame this research.

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I have interests in the History of Christianity, Religious Studies, Education and Quaker Schools. Previous titles in these areas:

  • The Advance of Religion in Tunbridge Well Kent c.1600-1900.
  • ‘Hidden’ RE: Faith, History and Heritage.
  • Religious Education in a Faith School ‘Quaker’ Setting.
  • Still Education: an examination of Quaker stillness as an active teaching method.

Contact: ZKS906@student.bham.ac.uk

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