An Introduction to the Enneagram

7 December 2021 - 9 December 2021


The Enneagram is a tool for compassion and self-awareness. This course will teach you what the Enneagram is, how to better understand yourself based on what motivates you most, and how to start working with that knowledge. Finding your core motivation will help you to notice what is helping or hindering you in your personal growth, flourishing and relationships, including spirituality. The theory of the Enneagram (a Greek word for 9 point diagram) identifies 9 personality types based on that core motivation. It can help you see yourself and others more clearly, enabling you to respond to situations with kindness rather than with a raw reaction, especially when you or others don’t act in ways you expect or like.

This three day online course will offer three sessions each day in which short talks will be interspersed with video clips, music, discussion, breakout groups, self-reflection and short times of prayer/meditation. It will be taught from a Christian perspective but is open to all. The course necessarily focuses on self-awareness so is probably not appropriate for you if introspection at this point in your life might exacerbate severe psychological problems or mental health issues.

Live sessions will be every day, 09:30-17:30 (UK time).

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This course will involve:

Individual reflectionLive discussionLive talkRecorded videoWritten and visual

Accessibility info:

On the booking form, there is a chance for you to let us know about any accessibility or communication adjustments that will enable you to participate more fully in the course. Closed captions for live sessions may be available upon request; please contact us directly in addition to booking if you require closed captions.

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