Meeting Needs: a compassionate approach to our mental wellbeing

27th May 2021 - 23rd June 2021


The current COVID pandemic has brought into sharp focus the social and racial inequalities that pre-dispose people not only to infection but also to mental ill-health. This is a course about indentifying our human needs to better understand our own mental wellbeing and that of those around us, thus creating the possibility of a more compassionate community for everyone.

At times of mental distress and anguish it can be hard to identify and understand our difficult feelings. When we view our setbacks from a perspective of unmet needs, we may begin to find ways to satisfy those needs in healthy, life affirming ways. We find we have innate resources and gifts which help us build our own mental and spiritual resilience, as well as strengthening our relationships.

Meeting Needs is an easy to understand and practical course. Through fun and interactive exercises, participants will develop deeper understanding and compassion for self and others. The course speaks to Quakers’ historic and current concern for mental health and well-being. We will introduce holistic organising ideas which not only help people suffering emotional distress, but also have the potential to create a more just society.

Please note that this course is not designed to deliver therapy and isn’t a replacement for professional mental health support, it is designed to help us build resilience, compassion towards others and induce helpful concepts for thinking about wellbeing in our communities and daily lives.

Live sessions are every Thursday at 14:00-16:00 (UK time).

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Individual reflectionLive discussionLive talkLive workshopPrivate discussionRecorded videoWritten and visual

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On the booking form, there is a chance for you to let us know about any accessibility or communications adjustments that will enable you to participate more fully in the course. Closed captions can be made available on all recorded material and may be available for live sessions upon request; please contact us directly in addition to booking if you require closed captions.

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