Spirituality and Creative Practice: Zen drawing

15th May 2021 - 15th May 2021
2:30 pm - 4:30 pm


This session is inspired by Frederick Franck whose spiritual practice is drawing. You need no special equipment, just anything that will make a mark on some paper (pencil, pen, crayon, charcoal, paintbrush, etc.) You will also need something firm to rest your paper on maybe cardboard, especially if you draw outside.

Drawing is about looking very carefully so that you see and understand the essential nature of what you study. Franck takes this further, suggesting that when we draw we immerse ourselves in that which we draw so that we become part of it and lose ourselves in the process. It is part of seeing with wonder and excitement, seeing with the heart, getting to the truth rather than producing a pretty picture; a form of meditation.

The Spirituality and Creative Practice series of sessions will enable people to learn from practising artists about different creative practices and encourage them to try it for themselves using a playful and spiritual approach . Timed to be accessible to working people, and able to include older children and their parents. Families attending together need only book one place.

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On the booking form, there is a chance for you to let us know about any accessibility or communication adjustments that will enable you to participate more fully in the course. Closed captions for live sessions may be available upon request; please contact us directly in addition to booking if you require closed captions.

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