The Future of Quakerism

Where does Quakerism sit in the wider religious landscape today? Where will it be in 25 years’ time?

Quakers and Ecumenism

This talk will look at how ecumenism first became possible in the nineteenth century and how Friends can relate to other Christians and other faiths today.

Quakers, Theology and Language

The different attitudes to theology and language within the Society of Friends. The very particular British Quaker understanding of belief will be a focus for this talk.

What Quakers Believe

There are Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish and atheist Quakers today – how do they all co-exist?

Quaker Worship and Witness

The radical mysticism of Quakerism, which is based on the idea that God can be experienced without the mediation of priest or text at any time, in any place.

The History of Quakerism

An accessible account of the history of Quakerism from the time when it was a movement setting out to change the world, abolish slavery and promote women’s rights.

Who are the Quakers?

A basic overview of the founding story and ideas of Quakerism and how the movement has grown into a worldwide religion of six traditions.