2016 Swarthmore Lecture (Video)

The 2016 Swarthmore Lecture was given by Cécile Nyiramana and Esther Mombo. This lecture will focus on the peace building work of East African Quakers.

The Joseph Wood Archive

This archive consists five volumes of notebooks in PDF format by Quietist Quaker Joseph Wood.

Quaker Study Series 2013

At Canadian Yearly Meeting 2013, Ben Pink Dandelion held a series of Quaker Study sessions over five days from 19 to 23 August.

Quaker Historical Corpus

The Quaker Historical Corpus (QHC) consists of 173 texts written by Quakers between 1650 and 1690. All the texts are derived from copies held in the Library of Friends House, London.

The Future of Quakerism

Where does Quakerism sit in the wider religious landscape today? Where will it be in 25 years’ time?

Quakers and Ecumenism

This talk will look at how ecumenism first became possible in the nineteenth century and how Friends can relate to other Christians and other faiths today.