Quaker Studies Thesis – Not Yet Summarised

The following theses are freely available through the University of Birmingham library website.  Further summaries are planned and these will be gradually added to the Quaker Studies Resource Centre website.

The theses are divided into three categories:

  • Social Sciences – Quakers Today
  • Quaker History – Stories of the Past
  • Theology – what did and do Quakers believe

Click on the titles of the theses to download the PDF documents.

Social Sciences – Quakers Today

Simon Peter John Best, The Community of Intimacy : The spiritual beliefs and religious practices of adolescent Quakers (2010)

Elaine Boyling, Quakerism and therapeutic environments: dynamic resources in the management of a therapeutic community 1962-1995 (2012)

Sun Chae Hwang, A theological analysis of the non-church movement in Korea with a special reference to the formation of its spirituality  (2012)

Hazel Leonore Jones, Funding the centrally managed work of Britain Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (2009)

Helen Claire Meads, ‘Experiment with Light’ in Britain : the heterotopian nature of a contemporary Quaker spiritual practice (2011)

Quaker History – Stories of the Past

Geoffrey Peter Morries, From revelation to resource : the natural world in the thought and experience of Quakers in Britain and Ireland, 1647-1830 (2010)

Peter Richard Pick, Interjections of Silence: the poetics and politics of radical Protestant writing 1642-1660 (2000)

Sian Lliwen Roberts, Place, life histories and the politics of relief : episodes in the life of Francesca Wilson, humanitarian educator activist (2010)

Alice Southern, The Rowntree History Series and the growth of liberal Quakerism: 1895-1925 (2010)

Stephen Wright, An investigation into the possible transfer of theology and practice from continental Anabaptists to the first Quakers (2013) 

Daniel Staley Zemaitis, Convergent paths: the correspondence between Wycliffe, Hus and the early Quakers (2012)

Theology – what did and do Quakers believe?

Christopher J. Green, A taxonomy of the experience of Quaker worship in Britain yearly meeting (2013)

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