Quaker Studies Thesis – Summarised

The theses are divided into three categories:

  • Social Sciences – Quakers today
  • Quaker History – Stories of the Past
  • Theology – what did and do Quakers believe?

Click on the title to download a PDF summary of the thesis.

Social Sciences – Quakers today

»  Judy Frith, The Temporal Collage: how British Quakers make choices about time at the beginning of the twenty-first century (2009)

»  Klaus Huber, The Spirituality of Buddhist Quakers in Britain (2001)

»  Douglas Kline, Quakerly Conflict: the cultural logic of conflict in the Religious Society of Friends (2002)

»  Katherine A. Mellor, Christian Belief in the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers): a response to the claim that British Friends are post-Christian (2010)

»  Christopher Andrew Morrissey, The Quaker Peace Testimony: an investigation into private religiosity (2005)

»  Susan M. Robson, An Exploration of Conflict Handling among Quakers (2005)

»  Carolyn Sansom, In Love and Life: towards a Quaker therapy and the pastoral care of those in mental dis-ease (2000)

»  Hazel Shellens, ‘We shall forever eat frugally off clean plates’: an analysis of the background, presentation and effect of the 1986 Swarthmore lecture (2003)

»  Jan Swallow, The Quakers: Where Do They Go To From Here? Some thoughts on life, death and beyond (2001)

»  Mary Wong, Conversation as Testimony: a hundred years of Quaker mission and witness (2005)

Quaker History – Stories of the Past

»  Petronella Clark, Quaker Women in South Africa during the Apartheid Era (2003)

»  Owain Gethin Evans, Llain-y-Delyn: Fellowship House, Y Tymbl and its Relation to the Quakers in Britain (2001)

»  Margaret Glover, Images of Peace in Britain: from the late nineteenth-century to the Second World War (2002)

»  Howard F. Gregg, Two Nineteenth-century Quakers and the Irish Question: Jonathan Pim and James Hack Tuke 1846-96 (1984)

»  Harriet Grace Jackson, A Study of the Child-Naming Practices of Scottish Quakers between 1700 and 1825 (2012)

»  David D. K. Kakaya, The Quaker Experience in Kenya: a case study of peaceful socio-political change (1980)

»  Amanda Lawrence, Quakerism and Approaches to Mental Affliction: a comparative study of George Fox and William Tuke (2009)

»  Yukako Otori, To Be a Modern Instrument of Peace: American Quaker pacifism in the First World War (2009)

»  Brian David Phillips, Friendly Patriots: British Quakerism and the Imperial Nation, 1890-1910 (1989)

»  Helen Victoria Smith, Elizabeth Taylor Cadbury (1858-1951): Religion, Maternalism and Social Reform in Birmingham, 1888-1914 (2012)

»  Gwynne Stock, An Evaluation of Quaker Burial Practices (1997)

»  Kay Shelly Taylor, Society, Schism and Sufferings: the first 70 years of Quakerism in Wiltshire (2006)

Theology – what did and do Quakers believe?

»  Lucia Katharine Beamish, The Quaker understanding of the Ministerial Vocation: with special reference to the eighteenth century (1965) Filename: Lucia_Katherine_Beamish

»  Maurice A. Creasey, Early Quaker Christology: with special reference to the teaching and significance of Isaac Penington 1616-1679: an essay in interpretation (1956)

»  Kathryn A. Damiano, On Earth as it is in Heaven: Eighteenth Century Quakerism as Realised Eschatology (1988)

»  Edna M. Hall, The Theology of Samuel Fisher, Quaker (1960)

»  Laurence S. Kuenning, The Bunyan-Burrough debate of 1656-7 analysed using a computer hypertext (2000)

»  Yasuharu Nakano, Self and Other in the Theology of Robert Barclay (2011)

»  Nikki Coffey Tousley, The Experience of Regeneration and the Erosion of Certainty in the Theology of Second Generation Quakers: No Place for Doubt? (2002)

»  Philip Wragge, The Debt of Robert Barclay to George Keith: The Life and Writings of Keith to 1677, and their influence on Barclay (1946)

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