2015 Swarthmore Lecture (Audio)

The 2015 Swarthmore Lecture will consider our peace testimony in relation to the current global context and drawing on what she has learned from her practical experience of violence and peacemaking

2014 Swarthmore Lecture (Audio)

The 2014 Swarthmore Lecture explores the theme of transformation, ending with a call for us as Quakers to return to a transforming and transformational faith.

2013 Swarthmore Lecture (Audio)

Gerald shares his understanding of our corporate inward journey to life and truth and explored how we can we find for ourselves the central experience at the heart of Quakerism.

2012 Swarthmore Lecture (Audio)

The 2012 Swarthmore Lecture was given by Rachel Brett a Quaker and a human rights lawyer who works at the Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO) in Geneva, where she is Representative for Human Rights and Refugees.

2011 Swarthmore Lecture (Audio)

The 2011 Swarthmore Lecture given by Pam Lunn addresses the unsustainability of the way we all live in the industrialised West.

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