Staff: Rhiannon Grant

Rhiannon Grant is Tutor for Quaker Roles at Woodbrooke and Deputy Programmes Leader for the Centre for Research in Quaker Studies.

Rhiannon’s undergraduate degree was Philosophy and Theology (University of Nottingham). She followed this with an MA in Gender, Sexuality and Queer Theory at the University of Leeds, where she stayed to write a PhD entitled ‘Wittgensteinian investigations of contemporary Quaker religious language’, supervised by Rachel Muers and Mikel Burley. Since then, she has been involved in research on threshing meetings, the Foundations of a True Social Order, and ‘afterwords’.

She can be contacted at

Research Interests

Religious language, changing Quaker practices, multiple religious belonging, Wittgenstein and philosophy of religion, pop culture and philosophy, interactions of gender and sexuality with religion.

Publications Include

Telling the Truth about God: Quaker approaches to theology, Quaker Quicks series, Christian Alternative Press, 2019

“Ritual with a Little Interaction and Grammar with a Small Vocabulary: Exploring ‘Afterwords’ with Collins and Lindbeck”Quaker Studies, Volume 23 Issue 1, 2018

British Quakers and Religious Language, Brill Research Perspectives in Quaker Studies, 2018

“Breaking Sixteen Walls: Deadpool as Philosopher and Sociologist” in Deadpool and Philosophy, eds. Nicolas Michaud and Jacob May, Open Court, 2017

“Being Fluent in Two Religions”, Journal of the Sociology and Theory of Religion,  2015, Volume 1

“Understanding Quaker Religious Language in its Community Context”, Quaker Studies, 2015, Volume 19 Issue 2, pp.260-276

“Teaching Religion as a Language”, Journal of Adult Theological Education, 2014, Volume 10 Issue 2, pp.92-10

“Feminists Borrowing Language and Practice from Other Religious Traditions: Some Ethical Implications”, Feminist Theology, 2012, Volume 20 Issue 2, pp.146-15

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