About Woodbrooke

Woodbrooke is an international Quaker learning and research organisation based in Britain. We provide opportunities for learning, connection and worship which are rooted in the Quaker tradition and open to all.

About Woodbrooke Quaker learning and research

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About Woodbrooke Quaker learning and research

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We provide opportunities for learning, connection and worship which are rooted in the Quaker tradition and open to all. Our mission is to foster the 'vital ministry' of Quakers today and our learning programme allows participants to: deepen their understanding of the Quaker way, explore spirituality, support their communities and be inspired to bring about wider change in the world.

Our Centre for Research in Quaker Studies provides formal opportunities for study and research in all areas of Quaker Studies including degree programmes in partnership with the University of Birmingham. We also conduct our own projects and provide support to independent researchers.

Woodbrooke offers opportunities for learning:

  • Through our programme of online courses and sessions with tailored resources and expert input.
  • Via our Woodbrooke Where You Are workshops where our experienced tutors come to you and your community - both in person or online.
  • With our residential courses and day events that we run at a number of venues across Britain.

Our values

As a Quaker organisation, we try to live our values and run Woodbrooke in accordance with these. 

  • Woodbrooke is a LGBT+ affirming organisation. We want people to be able to feel safe and be themselves on our courses. If you have any concerns contact us.
  • In order for us to provide learning we have to charge but never want cost to be a barrier to accessing Woodbrooke. Visit our financial support page to see what help and discounts we offer or contact us if you have questions or concerns.
  • Woodbrooke is an accredited Living Wage Foundation employer. Trustees also carefully limit the pay ratio between our highest and lowest paid staff member.
  • The climate crisis affects us all, as well as our climate crisis project we also are also taking steps to become a more sustainable organisation.

Woodbrooke's roots are in the liberal unprogrammed branch of Quakerism. Our tutors come from a range of backgrounds and faith practices but you'll generally find silence and theological diversity is an important part of our learning and worship.

Did you know?

Woodbrooke was founded in 1903 and was the vision of George Cadbury and John Wilhelm Rowntree who saw a need amongst Friends for a ‘permanent settlement’ with a mission to ‘foster a vital Friends’ ministry’. Our mission today is still fostering a vital Friends’ ministry. For us, encouraging and enabling ministry is at the core of our Quaker approach to learning, whether that ministry is expressed through faith, witness, love or service.

Latest News

About Woodbrooke Quaker learning and research

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About Woodbrooke Quaker learning and research

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About Woodbrooke Quaker learning and research

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Our facilitators have made learning very easy and very friendly for all our needs, ages and cultural backgrounds.

- Alfred Wasike, Uganda

I’m a Quaker attender and this year it has been my intention to find out more about the main aspects of Quakerism – this course provided the perfect opportunity and I now feel much better informed.

- Stella Cranwell, Scotland

I did just want to say how enlightening that course had been – it filled so many gaps in my understanding and being able to draw upon three deep wells of knowledge and different areas of expertise was such a treat.

- Rosemary Epps, Tasmania

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