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Welcome to our website. Woodbrooke has helped people to explore the different aspects of living as a Quaker for over 100 years. We offer introductory courses that cover the basics of Quakerism with space to ask questions and then plenty of more specific courses to dive into what it means to live the Quaker way, how to enrich your spirituality or deepen your understanding of Quaker history.  Almost all our courses are open to anyone so if you're just interested to find out more about Quakers or like the look of any of our topics you're most welcome, Quakers are a fluid and open community. Our postgraduate degrees are also open to anyone interested in Quaker studies and our online worship, like all Quaker worship, is open to anyone.

Click to be taken to the Discovering Quakers Website; a place for people curious about Quakers to find out more through articles, blog posts, videos and podcasts; and join events organised by Quakers.


The Heart of the Quaker Way

Saturday 6 July 2024
Liverpool Quaker Meeting House
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Enquiring Into: Spoken Ministry

Thursday 12 September
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The Start of the Quaker Way: Fox 400

4 October - 24 October 2024
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Enquiring Into: Times and Seasons

Thursday 14 November
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Essentials of Quakerism

Thursday 21 November - Thursday 12 December
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The History of the Quaker Way

Saturday 23 November 2024
Hammersmith Quaker Meeting House
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