New to online worship?


You can join our online meeting room a few minutes before the start of each meeting.

You can find a timetable for our Meetings for Worship here.

Click here for Zoom worship


Quakers have found with online worship that even simple technologies can offer more than just a superficial means of contact. They can provide a space where an authentic sense of presence and connection with other worshippers can be sought and found. All of our online worship is run in partnership with FWCC-Europe and Middle East Section (EMES).

How does Online Meeting for Worship work?

We use Zoom to hold our meetings, just follow the link to join. Occasionally, you will be given the option to download a small application to improve your connectivity, we suggest you do this if prompted and follow the instructions on the screen. Once you are in the room you will be given the option of using your webcam and microphone. There will be a chatbox for you to type messages to the meeting and offer ministry.

New to Quakers? You might want to download Online worship for seekers and new worshippers or see the Quakers in Britain website.

Is this programmed or unprogrammed worship?

Our online worship is unprogrammed so we gather in silence and anyone is able to give ministry via the chat or microphone. Our blog from Keith sharing his experience helps paint a picture of what it’s like. We do offer some programmed worship and worship varients such as meeting for worship for dance, you can find these on our courses pages. 

Will loading the online meeting room mean I appear on camera?

Not necessarily, you have the option to leave your webcam turned off.

Can I see everyone?

Many of our Friends like to see each other through webcams but this is not a requirement for online worship. Some Friends may choose to switch off their cameras. The number of people you can see on your screen may be limited by the size of your screen or the bandwidth of your internet. We haven’t found these factors are a barrier to a gathered worship space.

Do I need a Zoom account to participate in the online meeting?

No, you can join us for online worship without creating an account. You just need to click on the ‘join the meeting’ links above.

What if I have never used  Zoom before?

And you can test your Zoom connection here.

How do I get the best out of my experience of online worship?

We have found that worshippers feel more connected when they can see and hear each other. Therefore we welcome you to turn on your webcam. We’d also ask that you share in the chatbox where in the world you are joining us from. We are often a truly international meeting.

All worshippers may use their microphone to speak. It is worth being mindful of background noises, you might wish to mute your audio to mitigate distractions although in in-person worship we are used to hearing background noises too. On rare occasions, the host may mute your microphone, but you are always able to unmute yourself to give spoken ministry. As well as spoken ministry, you will be able to minister via the chatbox in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

You may wish to ensure that your microphone and speakers/headphones are turned on before you centre down.

The worship will last around 30 minutes unless otherwise specified. We suggest arriving slightly before the start time and there will be time after for optional conversation.

When the meeting is over, the elder will bring it to close verbally and you may see an image of two people shaking hands.

How can I help?

The best way you can help Woodbrooke is by donating, or asking your meeting to contribute, to help cover the costs of keeping Woodbrooke going through these difficult times.

See for more information.

We also rely on volunteers to run many of our online worships. We want to offer more online worship but to do that need more hosts. Do you think you could host and/or elder online worship for Woodbrooke?

We are looking for people who:

  • have experience with online meetings (Zoom, Skype, etc.) or a willingness to learn
  • are happy eldering unprogrammed online worship in the liberal tradition
  • can be a welcoming and helpful host.

The roles of host/elder may be combined or separate. We can provide basic support, guidance, and training. We are working with Britain Yearly Meeting to support those interested in setting up online worship within their own Quaker community, see

Contact for more information.

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