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Bring Woodbrooke learning to where you are with our packages specially designed for your community. With a range of topics, prepared and facilitated by our experienced tutor team, you can explore and learn together deepening your understanding and connection.

Below is a list of our current Woodbrooke Where You Are workshops which can be delivered in a variety of formats to your Quaker community, whether that's a local or monthly Quaker meeting, an area, regional or quarterly meeting, or another Quaker group we can tailor our sessions to your group. Find out more about each workshop by clicking on the topic that interests you from the list below, or contact us to discuss a bespoke course by phone 07562 624047/07935 601507 or via e-mail learning@woodbrooke.org.uk.

In 2017, Quakers in Britain began a sustained conversation about diversity and inclusion in our Quaker community. This workshop aims to support meetings who are beginning to have this important and challenging discussion.

This course offers an opportunity to explore the material from the 2020 Salter Seminar. What can we learn from the experience of our founding mothers and fathers? How can we maintain a radical vision within a hostile world?

A day exploring the building blocks of being a faithful community within the Quaker tradition. How can we be a gathered people, and a community of transformation? Using a variety of activities, we will reflect together on being a vibrant, Spirit-led community.

How do we encourage quality and depth in Quaker worship and spoken ministry? Everyone in a Quaker community, and especially those with eldership responsibility, should consider this issue sometimes.

This course gives a concise overview of Quaker history from the 1640s to the present-day, looking at seven distinct theological emphases.

This course is designed particularly for Quaker communities wishing to renew their core understanding of the Quaker way.

A course for meetings consisting of three, three hour modules: Early Christian experience, Jesus, and The Beginnings of the Church - survival and structure.

This session offers the enticing prospect of spending a discomforting couple of hours as Jesus presses the question of what you do with what you have.

This standalone online session for meetings includes the tutor's recording and commentary on the parable, followed by material and questions for a guided small group discussion finishing with a live webinar.

In this study programme, we will explore the spiritual roots of Quaker practices and concerns. When we understand the founding vision of early Friends, we can trace how the Quaker way has changed over time and consider our own experiences as Quakers today.

What is Quaker spirituality all about and how does it speak to us today? What is distinctive about Quaker faith and its practices? In our time together we will explore the central elements of Quaker spirituality.

What is Quaker spirituality all about and how does it speak to us today? What is distinctive about Quaker faith and its practices? In our day together we will briefly cover some central elements of Quaker spirituality.

A gentle start to the conversation about our resources (including property) with a sustainable future in mind.

Grounded in the Spirit, we will look honestly at where we need to make changes in how we use our resources and how we might go about doing that.

After a strange two years, is your Quaker community or group looking for ways to reconnect and grow together? This event provides opportunities to be joyful and reflective together.

Can hope be more powerful than simple optimism? What does it mean to ‘practise hope’? How do we maintain hope when things seem to be getting worse rather than better? In this workshop we’ll explore different perspectives on hope and think about how they speak to us as Quakers.

Bespoke Events

If you can't see the topic that you would like to explore, email the Learning & Research team learning@woodbrooke.org.uk to discuss organising a bespoke workshop or course for your meeting or group.

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