Britain Yearly Meeting

Since our founding in 1903, Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM) has been one of our most important partners. Our Woodbrooke Centre is based in Britain and many friends from BYM have experienced Woodbrooke learning and played important role in our history.

We work with BYM on a number of joint projects and initiatives which you can read about below. Woodbrooke does not receive general grants, donations or other unrestricted financial support from BYM to provide learning or run the Woodbrooke Centre. BYM does commission specific projects for which money is ring-fenced to deliver this work on BYM’s behalf.

Climate Crisis: Spiritual Nurture and Learning Project

BYM has recently funded Woodbrooke to undertake a 5 year project to strengthen the spiritual underpinning of our Quaker response to the climate crisis. The work of the project will nurture our individual and collective grounding and encourage practical witness to transform our lives.

This project has three main aims:

  1. Supporting Friends to explore, understand and become more confident in articulating the spiritual underpinning of Quaker commitment to caring for the earth and creation.
  2. Providing advice, guidance support and encouragement to enable Friends to make practical changes to individual lifestyles and to take community-level action, particularly around the use and management of property.
  3. Building community to support and strengthen our individual and corporate response.

Find out more about the Climate Crisis project

Strategy for Supporting Quaker Communities

Woodbrooke works with Britain Yearly Meeting to support Quaker meetings in Britain to be thriving Quaker communities.

Meeting-centered support, a key component of the Integrated Strategy for Supporting Quaker Communities will bring Woodbrooke learning and the work of Britain Yearly Meeting closer to Friends. As part of this Britain Yearly Meeting is employing local development workers with the aim for there to be a local worker within reach of every meeting by 2024. Local development workers work alongside Woodbrooke to help us better understand the needs of Friends in Britain and deliver learning to meet those needs.

Find out more about Meeting Centered Support

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