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Current Projects

The Prevalence of Online Worship
In May 2020 we oversaw a survey, in partnership with Britain Yearly Meeting,  to take a snapshot of how many Meetings are now worshipping online, and how many people are attending. You can read about the May online meeting for worship findings here. In September 2020 we conducted a follow-up survey.

The Complete Works of Margaret Fell
A project checking a transcription of parts of the complete works of Margaret Fell will help us move this forward to a modern-day published version. Unlike many of her male counterparts, Fell’s works have not been republished since their original collection and printing in 1710.

See our current academic staff or find out more about volunteering to help with research.

Recent projects

The changing face of faith in Britain: How should Quakers respond?

In 2018 the Quaker Committee for Christian & Interfaith Relations (QCCIR) commissioned Centre for Research in Quaker Studies (CRQS) at Woodbrooke to undertake a piece of research into the nature of faith in Britain today. QCCIR posed three questions:

  • How do Quakers fit into this changing religious landscape in Britain?
  • What are the implications for British Quakers?
  • What does it mean for the work of QCCIR now and in the future? Do we need
    to consider changing how we work, what we do or who we work with?

The brief given to CRQS was wide-ranging and complex. It encompassed an academic literature review, a survey of people new to Quakers to see what attracted them to the Society, a review of current contacts with religious or spiritual groups, and, finally, research on new faith and faith-based organisations in Britain with similar values to ours which QCCIR might wish to work with in the future. Three reports were produced by Francesca E. S. Montemaggi and Ben Pink Dandelion which are publically available here:

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