Friends World Committee for Consultation

The Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC) is the world Quaker body that brings Quakers (Friends) together from around the world for fellowship and understanding.

Answering God’s call to universal love, FWCC brings Friends of varying traditions and cultural experiences together in worship, communications, and consultation, to express our common heritage and our Quaker message to the world

FWCC organizes its work through its four-section offices and the World Office. We work with the World Office to share information about opportunities for connection and learning among Quakers. We also have joint projects with some sections, here are some of our current activities. Find out more about FWCC here.

Europe and Middle East Section

The Europe and Middle East Section of FWCC (EMES) is the collective body for Quaker meetings in Europe and the Middle East. Woodbrooke has a close relationship with EMES and we work together to support Quakers across Europe and the Middle East.

Online Worship

Woodbrooke’s online worship is provided in partnership with EMES, together we hold regular worship sessions throughout the week. EMES staff help to support the worship and shape the direction of our online worship, and EMES Friends were crucial in helping us to set up additional online worship and make up many of our worship facilitators. One of the aims of our online worship is to foster connection and friendship amoung Quaker across Europe, something which stemmed out of our online worships we held with EMES and QCEA during Brexit.


Woodbrooke learning is available to Friends across Europe and our Woodbrooke Where You Are courses (formerly known as Woodbrooke on the Road) have been delivered as online and in-person workshops in various Quaker meetings around Europe. These are currently offered online around the world. Woodbrooke has Associate Tutors scattered across Europe. Friends and meetings from Europe (excluding Britain Yearly Meeting) can also apply for support from the Corder and Gwen Catchpool Fund to help with the cost of learning. For more information contact

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