Climate Crisis

How can Quakers respond to the Climate Crisis?

Are you wanting to explore the spiritual underpinnings to your response to the Climate Crisis? Do you want to do something practical to address the issues we face? Woodbrooke offers resources and learning opportunities to enable Friends to act and live within the Climate Crisis.

The Climate Crisis: Spiritual Nurture and Learning Project is funded by Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM) as part of Quakers in Britain's continuing commitment to work on sustainability and our response to environmental destruction. While our work arises from the ministry of British Friends and focuses on nurturing that ministry, as with all our learning, it is open to Friends around the world and others interested in being part of this vital work.

Courageous Living amid a Climate Crisis

We have developed a workshop/retreat to enable you to consider and reflect on your response to the climate crisis. This workshop will both ask you to face some of the fears you may have, the grief you experience as well as a chance to look at change, our role within that and spiritual practice to nurture us. Find the next retreat on our course page.

‘What we did was so much deeper and more helpful to me than mere information giving would have been. A real breakthrough in understanding how I may be able to go forward’ - Participant on Courageous Living amid a Climate Crisis March 2020

Loving Earth Project 

We are working in partnership with the Quaker Arts Network in offering the Loving Earth Project, a textile-based project to enable you to engage with the climate crisis using your creativity. For more information see our Loving Earth Project webpage.

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Climate Crisis Woodbrooke
Mandala from Charlotte as part of her Equipping for Ministry project.

We will all need to make changes in our lives, these won’t be the same for everyone and we won’t all be starting from the same place. We are currently developing resources to enable you to consider and carry out everyday changes in your lifestyle. To find out more about these email



Coronavirus will impact the way we feel about and relate to property, as Quakers in Britain we have 354 dedicated Quaker Meeting Houses, some Friends may own their own home, some may be working with landlords, some may be responsible for community-owned property.

To request a facilitated session to enable your Meeting to reflect on ‘What Next’ please contact us at

National Gathering

In 2021 it is our intention to hold a national gathering, enabling Friends to come together to share, inspire, and reflect together. We are living amid a climate crisis and by coming together in community we hope to feel strengthened and encouraged.

We are looking for Friends to join a small planning group and are seeking names of Friends. In particular:

  • Families with children living at home
  • Friends aged 18 -35
  • Friends living in remote areas
  • Friends living in cities
  • Friends with experience of a long-term illness or disability.

Please contact Maud Grainger on to express interest.

Quakers aged 18 – 35  years

We are running a number of events for Friends in this age group. In 2021 we shall be running a gathering for Friends of this age to come together to share on the climate crisis. We shall post more details on here in early 2021.

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