Woodbrooke Policies

Woodbrooke operates in accordance with a number of policies relating to those who engage with it, both internally and externally. A number of these policies are listed below. You can also find out more about website accessibility here.


Woodbrooke is committed to providing a safe and caring environment for children, young people and adults participating in our learning, research and online worship activities. You can read and download our safeguarding policy and procedures here:

Learning & Research Safeguarding Policy March 2023

If you wish to contact us regarding a safeguarding concern, please complete this form.


All participants in Woodbrooke worship and learning activities should feel safe and welcome. We support the right of all people to be treated with dignity and respect and are committed to promoting an environment free from all forms of unacceptable behaviour. People who carry out work on behalf of Woodbrooke Learning and Research sign a code of conduct concerning behaviour. The participant behaviour policy sets out how we will respond to the behaviour of a person or persons which may cause harm, or the threat of harm, either directly or indirectly to another person or persons. You can read and download our participant behaviour policy here:

Woodbrooke Learning & Research participant behaviour policy March 2022

Booking, cancellation and refund

We aim to always give accurate information about our courses, sessions and events. Sometimes we have to make changes or cancel these. You may sometimes need to cancel or change a booking with us. We advise you to read our booking, cancellation and refund policy before making a booking. You can read and download it here:

Woodbrooke Learning & Research Booking, cancellation and refund policy November 2022


We understand that, at times, people may wish to complain about the work and service that we undertake. We aim to handle all complaints in a fair and timely fashion. We welcome feedback and complaints where necessary to help us improve our services and programmes. You can read and download our complaints policy here:

Woodbrooke Learning & Research complaints policy March 2022

If the matter cannot be resolved informally and you wish to make a formal complaint we ask you to use our formal complaint record which you can find here: Woodbrooke complaints form.

Privacy Policy

Woodbrooke takes seriously how we store your data and complies with GDPR legislation. You can find out more and read our Privacy Policy at:

Woodbrooke Learning & Research Privacy Policy March 2023

Google Analytics

This site uses Google Analytics to collect information about how the site is used, in order to improve it. As a charity, Woodbrooke benefits greatly from the ability to collect website statistics through the use of a free service, but if you have strong concerns about this software then please contact us.


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