The Upside-Down Bible: what Jesus really said about money, sex and violence

23 May - 27 June 2024

The live Zoom sessions are every Thursday at 19:00-20:30 (UK time)

Cover of the book The Upside down Bible

Jesus talked about everyday life, not obscure dogmas. This is an opportunity to look at Jesus’s words without being told “correct” interpretations. You will learn from your own reactions and the insights of others.

This interactive course is especially useful to people unused to reading the New Testament. As we explore Jesus’s words, your own reactions will be the starting-point. You will exchange thoughts with other readers and learn about historical contexts. You will be able to make decisions about if and how you want to apply Jesus’ teachings to life, society and politics today.

The course will be taught online over six evening sessions. There will be material available online as well as opportunities for further discussion for those who wish to engage in it. During our sessions together, we will consider selected passages of Jesus’ teachings as they appear in the gospels – looking at themes of money, sex and violence. After considering our own and each other’s responses, we will look at insights from scholars before asking if and how the teachings in question apply in our lives and contexts.

This course, which is based on Symon Hill’s book The Upside-Down Bible: What Jesus really said about money, sex and violence (Darton, Longman and Todd, 2015), is open to anyone willing to learn from others, whatever your own religious or non-religious views.

This course will involve:

DiscussionOnline discussion forumWritten and visualZoom Session

Accessibility info:

On the booking form, there is a chance for you to let us know about any accessibility or communication adjustments that will enable you to participate more fully in the course. Automated Zoom closed captions are available for all live sessions but if you feel you require more accurate closed captioning please email us directly in addition to booking.

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