Becoming Friends

Becoming Friends: Living and Learning with Quakers is an innovative learning project from Woodbrooke and Quaker Life which aims to nurture and support those who are new to Friends. It provides a flexible, interactive course & a range of ways for Quaker meetings to support newcomers as they learn. Becoming Friends will help newcomers develop an understanding of Quakerism, while exploring their own journey and connection with Friends – whether or not they are currently considering applying for membership.

The Becoming Friends course offers newcomers:

  • Flexible learning materials, accessible online or on paper.
  • Options for working alone & with others, using a variety of approaches.
  • A choice of learning units & activities to suit a wide range of interests & learning styles.
  • The chance to work at their own pace & for a length of time that suits their interests & availability.
  • A wide range of online discussion groups, resources & links.

As newcomers engage with the course, Meetings can offer them support from a Becoming Friends ‘companion’ whose role is to:

  • Support newcomers working with the learning materials.
  • Help newcomers find out more about Quakerism through sharing their own knowledge and experience, and helping to arrange conversations and interactions with other Friends.
  • Help newcomers reflect on the learning process and their own journey with Friends.
  • Help newcomers feel more rooted in their local meeting.

The Becoming Friends scheme supports Meetings by providing:

  • Guidance about working with the Becoming Friends course.
  • A framework for identifying, preparing & supporting Becoming Friends companions.
  • Access to courses & a support network for Becoming Friends companions.
  • Well structured opportunities throughout the Becoming Friends course for local Friends to engage with newcomers in conversation, discussion & reflection.

Becoming Friends could be for you or your meeting!

To find out more, visit the course page.