Soul of Leadership

Soul of Leadership is an inspiring and enriching 18-month programme for anyone in a leadership role who wishes to deepen their inner resources to lead with long-term effectiveness and integrity.

Leaders today face particularly difficult challenges. The commitment to inspire others while also increasing productivity and balancing the needs of their organisation can leave leaders feeling depleted. Long hours and countless demands often result in a deep need for renewal.

This programme is for anyone facing difficult leadership challenges, and for those who are looking for a fresh approach to leadership amidst longer working hours and increasing demands.

This 18-month programme includes:

  • Four residentials, each featuring a different leadership focus.
  • Meetings (in-person or virtual) with a small, regionally-based cohort between residentials
  • Personal reflective practice
  • An online forum for discussion and reflection.

Soul of Leadership is offered in partnership with Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation

For more information or to register your interest, please contact or 0121 415 6785.


The next intake for the Soul of Leadership will be in January 2020 for a programme to run to June 2021. Each of the four residentials runs from Monday to Thursday and the dates for the 2020 intake will be:

13-16 January 2020
1-4 June 2020
11-14 January 2021
7-10 June 2021


The pricing for the 2020 intake is yet to be confirmed but will be flexible according to the number of participants enrolled – the more participants, the lower the price. When the application process opens, we will provide more information about pricing.

What do past participants have to say…


Soul of Leadership Woodbrooke Quaker Conference CentreFive years ago Marjan, a colleague of mine in the Drop In Centre asked me whether I wanted to participate in a short course at Woodbrooke by Margaret Benefiel. At the end of this course, I wondered: ‘What was this good for?’. Two years later, at the next short course, I had to confess this to Margaret, but also the realisation that my perception on things had changed: difficult situations at work seemed easier to handle, making my job more enjoyable.

Soul of Leadership has worked for me in a wonderful way.

I wanted more and that made me decide to participate in Soul of Leadership.

I was not disappointed; this curriculum introduced me to new ways of leadership and introduced me to the beneficial Quaker-practice of clearness-committees.

The residentials

Grounded in Spirit: contemplative leadership for the 21st Century
Late January (Year 1)

The first residential considers the structures and processes of 21st-century decision-making (both individual and corporate) and explores how discernment practices can be integrated into decision-making. Insights from the fields of spirituality, management, and leadership studies will be combined to examine decision-making and discernment in various settings.

The 6 R’s of Sanctuary
Early June (Year 1)

The second residential focuses on how leadership efficacy is enhanced as leaders
intentionally take time apart from their leadership context to engage in spiritual practices.
This residential will share learning gained from leadership, theology, and spirituality
studies as a means to teach participants a spiritually-connected and grounded way of

Contemplative Leadership for Change
Early January (Year 2)

The third residential will help participants consider how they adapt to change. Through an experiential, interactive process, participants will examine continuity and change in their own lives and in the lives of the groups they lead, and learn how to identify and overcome blocks that prevent them from achieving their goals.

Putting it All Together
Early June (Year 2)

The final residential will help participants develop a “Rule of Life” plan that allows them to fully integrate their learning and experiences into their leadership contexts.

Application for the 2020 programme will be opening soon. To register your interest and be notified when applications open, please email