Young Adult Leadership Programme

This one-year part-time programme is an opportunity for young adult Friends to develop their knowledge and understanding of the Quaker faith and its history, as well as to develop practical skills for the workplace and everyday life.

If you are aged between 19 and 30,  then Woodbrooke’s Young Adult Leadership Programme (YALP) may be for you!

The programme will involve two residential stays at Woodbrooke, and another at Swarthmoor Hall in Cumbria – a great opportunity to meet like-minded YAFs and share experiences. Sessions will be taught using a variety of interactive and engaging methods including discussions, worship sharing, art, online materials, forums and journalling, as well as formal teaching sessions.


First residential: 12 July – 22 July 2018

Midyear residential at Swarthmoor Hall: tbc

Final residential: 30 June – 7 July 2019

If you are interested – or know someone else at your Meeting or in your family who may be – please contact Michael Eccles

What do past participants have to say…

Becky Yalp ParticipantThis was a wonderful opportunity to connect with Quakers and Quakerism, building on things I have touched on before, as well as being introduced and really engaging with some new and challenging ideas. YALP encouraged me to say ‘yes’ to opportunities that I didn’t know I could do and discover new talents and passions in different areas of my life. This is a great course for people who want to give themselves permission to have the time to explore their Quaker spirituality with some amazing tutors and like-minded participants.

What will I gain from taking part and what is covered?

  • A greater understanding of Quaker history, Quaker processes and what it is like to be a Quaker today.
  • Increased involvement in your Quaker community through creating a support network.
  • A deepening of your personal spiritual practices.
  • An opportunity to develop skills for the professional, voluntary and spiritual aspects of your life.
  • Leadership and facilitation skills.

To find out more please download our YALP brochure.

The fee in 2018-19 is £1,900.

Please don’t let this put you off, there are lots of bursary options, please contact Michael Eccles for more information.

Applications for YALP are now closed.

Applications for the 2018-19 programme will open shortly.

We ask you to apply by answering the following questions or giving us the following information.

  1. Your contact details and date of birth.
  2. Why do you want to come on the Young Adult Leadership Programme?
  3. Please tell us a little bit about yourself: faith background, your experience of leadership and something you are passionate about.
  4. If you already have an idea for your project, please mention it. (See page 4 of the YALP leaflet to find more about the project)
  5. Who is your supporting Quaker organisation?

You can answer the questions above in one of the following ways:

  •  Online (use the form below).

  •  In writing – up to two sides of A4.

  • Audio or video – maximum of 10 minutes.

In addition to this, we ask you to send a letter from your supporting Quaker organisation acknowledging and supporting your application, and a £20 deposit. The deposit will be refunded if we are unable to offer you a place. If there is a problem providing these, or if you or your supporting organisation would like more details about its role, please get in touch with Michael Eccles. Applications to the programme close on 9 June.  We will inform all applicants shortly afterwards if their application has been successful.

Please send your application to the Young Adult Programmes Co-ordinator at Woodbrooke, Michael Eccles.

Email it to: or post it to:

Michael Eccles, Woodbrooke, 1046 Bristol Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham, B29 6LJ

 I can’t afford to go on YALP. It isn’t for people like me. It is just too expensive.

The cost of YALP should never put a possible applicant off. Yes, it is costly, but there are lots of different bursaries and grants that are available to applicants. Please get in touch with Michael Eccles if you have any financial worries, we will be able to sort this out. Don’t let this put you off.


YALP is a huge time commitment. I can’t do a year-long course.

There are three residentials during YALP. One at the beginning in July (10 days) at Woodbrooke in Birmingham, one half-way through in February (a weekend) at Swarthmoor Hall in Cumbria, and the final one in July at Woodbrooke again (7 days). In between this time there are online elements, but do not view it like doing a formal course or degree. You can choose to put in as much or as little time as you want or are able. Don’t let this put you off.


I want to do a course learning and engaging more with Quakerism. I am not sure about this whole leadership aspect. I am not a leader and don’t want to be.

People come on YALP for several reasons. Learning about leadership is one of them, but this is not the sole focus of the programme. Many people, Quakers particularly, are put off by the term ‘leadership’. Come on YALP and find out more about what leadership is and how it is used in a Quaker context. You never know what opportunities and situations may arise.


I am very new to Quakerism, YALP is for experienced Quakers.

This is the perfect course for people who want to learn more about Quakerism – the past, present and the future. You will develop the knowledge and understanding of the Quaker faith and its history, as well as to develop practical skills for the workplace and everyday life.


I have been a Quaker for a while. YALP is for newer Quakers.

For all Quakers, new and seasoned, there is a constant sense of learning. YALP fosters and builds on this. This programme will not just go through the motions of the founding of Quakerism and the current issues, but really get you to engage with the topics yourself. It allows you to question what your Quakerism means to you and how your spiritual journey fits into Quakerism’s past, present and future.


What is a YAF?

Woodbrooke has started using this term as the term Young Friends is often used to describe under 18 year olds.  By using the term Young Adult Friends, or YAF for short, we mean people aged 18-30 although some of our programmes and courses have slightly different age ranges.


Why does Woodbrooke need separate courses and a programme for YAFs?

Although we feel that almost all of our courses are appropriate for most people we also think that sometimes Young Adults may prefer to come on courses with their peers.  This gives YAFs the chance to consider issues which are of particular concern or interest to their age group.  Woodbrooke does run courses for other specific age groups.


What if I can’t afford to come to Woodbrooke?

All YAFs aged 18-30 are entitled to use our Young Friends special offer which entitles two or more people to book onto a course with a 50% discount; further details can be found here.


How can I suggest a course to run at Woodbrooke?

Please get in touch with the Programmes Team by calling 0121 472 5171.


Is Woodbrooke doing anything specially for other age groups?

Some of Woodbrooke’s courses are for particular age groups, for example, 12-15s, 20-40, people of working age or for people around the age of 60.  Almost all of our courses are open to anyone aged 18 and above.