Paul Hodgkin

Paul Hodgkin worked as a general practitioner for many years before starting the non-for-profit website Care Opinion that enables patients, carers, and staff to share the story of  care across NHS and social care across the UK.  Working in both these situations taught him how our humanity blends, breaks, and renews itself as it meets pathology and breakdown. As Care Opinion grew and spread internationally, he learnt much about how social change works  at scale and the interplay between profit and social purpose. When he retired he found himself thinking more and more about the twin Earth crises of climate change and loss of biodiversity and how these crises are inherent to the pursuit of capitalism and economic growth on a finite planet. Witnessing these crises in their fullness and discovering how we may respond from within a renewed Quakerism is, for him, the soul work of our times.

Paul lives in Suffolk where he is very involved in local practical projects to increase the stability and resilience of his community. His writings on the Earth crises can be found in both the Friend and the Friends Quarterly.

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