Journeys in the Spirit

Journeys in the Spirit is a resource providing materials for those working with children in Quaker communities such as meetings for worship, all-age events, residential gatherings, and camps. The revised format for Journeys can be found on this page. Journeys in the Spirit is produced by the Youth, Children & Families Team of Quakers in Britain.

November 2023 – Worship

November 2023 – Worship Worship is the response of the human spirit to the presence of the divine and eternal, to the God who first seeks us. The sense of wonder and awe of the…

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October 2023 – Black History Month

October 2023 – Black History Month “Black history is OUR history and a steppingstone for our future. We must be connected to our past in order to change our future.” Chandelis R. Duster

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September 2023 – Getting Ready for Quaker Week

September 2023 – Getting Ready for Quaker Week Each year Quakers in Britain have a week dedicated to exploring new ways to share their stories and strengthen their faith. In 2023, Quaker Week will run…

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August 2023 – Lights, Camera, Action

August 2023 – Lights, Camera, Action In 2024, the Quaker community will celebrate the four-hundredth anniversary of George Fox’s birth. To commemorate this occasion, the Quaker Arts Network, is inviting Quaker schools, summer camps, children’s…

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July 2023 – Outdoors

July 2023 – Outdoors All species and the Earth itself have interdependent roles within Creation. Humankind is not the species, to whom all others are subservien to, but one among many. All parts, all issues,…

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June 2023 – Belonging

June 2023 – Belonging How can we make the meeting a community in which each person is accepted and nurtured, and strangers are welcome? Seek to know one another in the things which are eternal,…

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May 2023 – Truth

May 2023 – Truth Truth, Peace, Simplicity and Equality are values we can all try to live up to in our daily lives. They encourage and challenge us in the choices and decisions we make….

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Yearly Meeting – Truth and Joy

Yearly Meeting – Truth and Joy At Yearly Meeting this year the children will be thinking about Truth and Joy. Part of their exploration will be about being true to ourselves – about believing in…

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April 2023 – What makes my heart sing?

April 2023 – What makes my heart sing? April Fools’ Day, is the first day of April. A day when people share jokes and play tricks. Even the media join in, with the famous spaghetti…

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March 2023 – Spring Forward

March 2023 – Spring Forward Spring is a season of new life. The Earth wakes up from its rest, temperatures rise, and daylight increases. Signs of life are everywhere you look. Our Earth is a…

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