Online Meeting for Worship

Join us for a 30 minute online meeting for worship every Wednesday and Friday

When? Each Wednesday at 09:30 (BST) and each Friday at 13:00 (BST).

Where? You can join our online meeting room a few minutes before the start of each meeting here: Meeting for Worship

Why? Our experiment in online worship has shown us that even simple technologies can offer more than just a superficial means of contact. They can provide a space where an authentic sense of presence and connection with other worshippers can be sought and found.

How does it work?

We use Adobe Connect to hold our meetings. You do not need to download anything, just follow a link. Occasionally, you will be given the option to download a small application to improve your connectivity, although this is recommended, it is by no means necessary. Once you are in the room you will be given the option of using your webcam and microphone. There will be a chat box for you to type messages to the meeting and offer ministry.

How do I get the best out of my experience of online worship?

We have found that worshippers feel more connected when they can see and hear each other. Therefore we welcome you to turn on your webcam. We’d also ask that you share in the chat box where in the world you are joining us from. We are often a truly international meeting.

All worshippers have audio rights so that they can speak at any time. Please be aware that this can cause some problems, but if we are all mindful of background noises this will help to mitigate most distractions. Of course, individual worshippers can choose to turn off their audio if they so wish.

You may wish to ensure that your microphone and speakers/headphones are turned on before you centre down.

The worship will last around 30 mins.  As well as spoken ministry, you will be able to minister via the chat box in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

When the meeting is over, you will see an image of two people shaking hands.

How can I receive news of online worship?

Enter your email address below to receive a weekly reminder


Will loading the online meeting room mean I appear on camera?

Not necessarily, you have the option to leave your webcam turned off.

Do I need an Adobe Connect account to participate in the online meeting?

No, you can join us for online worship without creating an account. You will just need to follow this link.

What if I have never used Adobe Connect before?

It is advised that you test your connection in good time before the meeting starts: