Quaker Parent Worship

The parent’s worship is taking a pause, recognizing technical difficulties have so far made it difficult to build the community we imagine for this important space. Our aim is to relaunch in Autumn 2024. Come back to this page soon to register your interest in participating and we will contact you with scheduling and login information. We look forward to worshipping with you!

Quaker Parent Worship is a space for parents who are currently engaged in bringing up children, to come together for worship, reflection, and connection.

The format for this worship is what is sometimes called an ‘Epilogue’. The focus is to have some quiet time together at the end of the day; it will be held in Quaker stillness. You will be joining a silent meeting, there will be space to speak if you feel moved to and there may be an offering, perhaps a reading or music, from the host. It will last around 30 minutes.

We will mute ourselves when not speaking to help ensure that everyone can hear ministry and to minimise background noise. Do join the meeting whenever you can: don’t worry if you can’t make it for the start time.


To be confirmed


About Quaker Parent Worship

Quaker Parent Worship is run in partnership with EMES (Europe and the Middle East Section of Friend World Committee for Consultation) and Youth, Children and Families staff of Quakers in Britain.


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