Loving Earth Project

Loving Earth Project

The Loving Earth Project aims to help people to engage with issues around climate change without being overwhelmed. It uses a creative approach to learning and reflecting on specific issues and helping us take action to care for what we love and to be good ancestors.

This is a community textile project that invites people to make textile panels to inspire us, and to join a travelling exhibition to help build momentum for the urgent actions that are needed if we are to minimise the damage of climate breakdown. Anyone is welcome to participate and we hope that many people will make panels with a short accompanying text saying how your panel relates to the 3 core questions.

The project focuses on three core questions:

  • What/Who/Which place do you love that is threatened by environmental break-down?
  • How might you yourself be contributing to that threat?
  • What more could you do to be part of the solution?

We have created a guided meditation that will walk you through these questions in a reflective space.

You may know the answers to these questions but finding out more or having conversations may also be useful and a good first step.

Textile panels should be 30x30cm plus a margin all round, and can be made in any style or textile technique. More information about how to make a panel is available on the project website.

When you have made your panel, please email a photo of it and a short text to accompany it to lovingearthproject@gmail.com. We are unable to receive panels during the Covid-19 shutdown but will add your panels to the gallery on our website and will let you know when you can post them to us to join the travelling exhibition. You may also like to post on social media @LovingEarthProject.

We shall be organising zoom calls and will advertise this through our Facebook page and website, lovingearth-project.uk.

We hope this may inspire individuals and groups, of all ages. Community groups, faith groups, schools and others are all welcome to participate and it’s an ideal project to do from home. The Coronavirus pandemic is symptom of a wider crisis in our global ecology. It will help us all to become more aware of what we can do about this and to take action together in future, for love of the Earth and its inhabitants.

A number of local displays of Loving Earth Project panels have already been held and we hope to create a large exhibition for the COP 26 meeting in Glasgow (originally planned for November 2020 but recently postponed), with the collection continuing to grow and tour thereafter. Meanwhile, the Gallery on our website shows panels so far received.

There’s more information on the Loving Earth Project website. We hope to set up some group discussions and other links and meanwhile our Facebook page is a good place to share your progress and any suitable hints and tips. You can also share and help others within your own community group.


If you would like to be added to the mailing list to receive the Loving Earth Project Newsletter, please email your request to lovingearthproject@gmail.com.


The Loving Earth Project is a partnership project between Woodbrooke and the Quaker Arts Network

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