Woodbrooke Bursaries

Woodbrooke’s Bursary scheme is open to anyone based in Britain or outside Europe who would like to attend a course and needs financial assistance to do so, whether this is a few pounds or more substantial support. (European Quakers outside Britain should apply to the Catchpool Fund instead.)

If you would like bursary support, please apply via the form below prior to booking. All enquiries and bursary applications are treated confidentially by Woodbrooke staff.

What can I ask for financial support with?
You can apply for support towards the fees for: Online courses, in-person day or residential events.

How much can I ask for?
You are normally expected to contribute some of the costs yourself and to apply to any other suitable bodies, such as your own Quaker meeting, for funding. Bursaries of over 50% of the course fee will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

Can I request a bursary for more than one course?
You can apply for a bursary for more than one course at the same time but we require a separate form for each course you are requesting a bursary for.

Are bursaries means tested?
We ask how much you are able to contribute yourself, however we do not ask for any other personal financial information.

What if I am not associated with a meeting or my meeting doesn’t have funds?
Please don’t worry, while we ask you to approach other suitable bodies, such as your own Quaker meeting, we realise that this is not possible for everyone and it is not a requirement. However, if your meeting does have funds and are able to contribute then it means that we are able to offer bursaries to more people.

Can I request a bursary and also take advantage of a discounted price?
Woodbrooke currently offers a discount on some courses for those aged 18-35 (50% discount of the course fee). You can request a bursary in addition to this discount.

Is there a maximum amount of support for any one person?
This will be considered on a case by case basis.

Who can help me with other questions?
Please contact the Woodbrooke Learning & Research Team if you have any questions about bursary support.


Woodbrooke Bursary Application Form

Please complete the below form to apply for a bursary. If you wish to receive bursary funding for multiple courses, please complete a form for each course separately.


While we can only provide a bursary towards the price of the course, to help inform our decision please also provide:
e.g. from your Quaker meeting?
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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