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Woodbrooke’s Quaker Learning Resource Centre is an online collection of useful material, from podcasts and videos to thesis and publications. The Resource Centre has a wide variety of resources for Quakers interested in exploring various aspects of their faith and practice and for anyone interested in academic study and research in the field of Quaker Studies.

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A Short Introduction to Quakerism

A series of six audio lectures by Ben Pink Dandelion covering a brief history of Quakerism.

Eva Koch Scholarship Presentations

A collection of resources and learning outcomes made available from Eva Koch Scholars during their scholarship. New resources are added each year.

FAHE Lectures

Friends Association for Higher Education held their annual conference at Woodbrooke in 2016 and in 2008. These are some of the plenary presentations.

George Richardson Lectures

The George Richardson Lecture is an annual public lecture in Quaker Studies given by a leading academic. It was begun by the Centre for Quaker Studies at the University of Sunderland in 1996.

Good Lives Study Packs

This material was produced as part of Woodbrooke’s Good Lives project which ran until 2012, and was designed to be used in Quaker meetings. The material may contain references and details which are no longer accurate.

Quaker Historical Corpus

The Quaker Historical Corpus (QHC) consists of 173 texts written by Quakers between 1650 and 1690.

Quaker Studies Lectures

A collection of audio and video recordings of academic lectures on a range of subjects related to Quaker Studies

Quaker Studies Theses

Summaries of postgraduate theses and dissertations on Quaker history, theology and social sciences.

Quaker Talks

A collection of audio and video talks on a range of topics related to the learning that Woodbrooke offers.

The Joseph Wood Archive

A fully searchable transcription of one hundred notebooks written by a Quietist Quaker travelling minister between 1767 and 1821, together with 647 letters and a selection of miscellaneous printed Quaker papers.

The Swarthmore Lecture

Audio and video recordings of past Swarthmore Lectures.

Resources Woodbrooke Quaker Conference Centre

Spiritual joy – Games and Quakerism

Quaker author and Woodbrooke associate tutor, Jennifer Kavanagh, didn’t expect to be making games but now having created Journey Home and The Prayer Game she shares their origins and impact.  A few years ago a friend of mine ... Read more
Resources Woodbrooke Quaker Conference Centre

Bringing social justice to life – Games and Quakerism

Jessica Metheringham, creator of the Quaker inspired board game “Disarm the Base”, explores the learning and campaigning potential of games. This summer, I’ve been working on a creative response to the arms trade. It’s called “Disarm the Base”, ... Read more

Experiments in faith: finding a meeting-centred approach

Quaker communities across Britain will be supported in new ways thanks to some bold changes in the way we work writes Woodbrooke’s Director Sandra Berry in this joint blog with Paul Parker, Recording Clerk of Britain Yearly Meeting. ... Read more