Good Lives Study Pack – Four Session

The four study packs in this book derive from work undertaken by the Good Lives Project at Woodbrooke between 2009 and 2012.

From the spectrum of work undertaken by the Good Lives Project, four themes are presented here:

  • Beliefs and Values
  • Spirituality
  • Human Behaviour
  • Community

The materials and exercises have all been used with groups of participants at Woodbrooke during Good Lives weekend courses. They are reproduced here in the hope that Friends in meetings and elsewhere may find them useful, particularly in support of activities arising from Minute 36 of Britain Yearly Meeting 2011 in Canterbury.
The materials in these study packs are designed for use with a group, although individuals may also be able to use some of them if the suggestions for sharing or discussion – in pairs, threes, or the whole group – are replaced by reflective personal writing or other styles of reflection.


»  4 session study pack

»  4 session study pack (Large Print)

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