2022 Swarthmore Lecture – Perceiving the temperature of the water by Helen Minnis

Perceiving the temperature of the water by Helen Minnis

The 2022 Swarthmore Lecture was given by Helen Minnis of Glasgow Meeting. Helen will spoke from her experience as a scientist and a Quaker, addressing issues of white privilege within the Quaker movement and scientific community. Woodbrooke and Helen see the lecture as part of the ongoing conversation within Britain Yearly Meeting, and Quakers worldwide, about becoming an anti-racist church and what that means. You can read more about Helen’s lecture here.

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Backlash Blues

Recording of the Blacklash Blues by The Sirens (of which Helen Minnis is part). Originally performed by Nina Simone.

Pre-lecture videos playlist

See the full 2022 lecture pre-lecture playlist on YouTube here.

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Download the handouts in black and white.

Download the handouts in colour.

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