Woodbrooke’s Programmes Team

Meet the team of permanent staff who are responsible for coordinating and delivering Woodbrooke’s learning programme.

Our Tutors

Simon Best is Head of Learning and has overall responsibility for Woodbrooke’s learning programmes. He is passionate about creating opportunities for Quakers to learn and grow individually and together. Simon is responsible for supporting the Swarthmore Lecture programme.

Ben Pink Dandelion is Programmes Leader for the Centre for Research in Quaker Studies. He has responsibility for our postgraduate programmes run in partnership with the University of Birmingham and Lancaster University. He both teaches and supervises postgraduate students in a variety of fields, and his own specialism is Sociology of Religion. He is a prolific author and editor.

Stuart Masters is Senior Programme Leader for on-site learning, He coordinates Woodbrooke’s on-site course programme and leads courses exploring the Quaker way and its relationship to other traditions.

Betty Hagglund is Learning Resources Manager, and has overall responsibility for Woodbrooke’s library and archive. She is particularly interested in early Quaker history and writings.

Mark Russ is Tutor for Nurturing Friends and Meetings. His interests include intentional community, music and worship, theology and apocalyptic spirituality. Mark has responsibility for our Equipping for Ministry programme

Maud Grainger is Faith in Action Programmes Coordinator. She has experience of and passion for environmental, social justice and interfaith work. She is interested in how we live our witness in the world and community activism.

Rhiannon Grant is Tutor for Quaker Roles. She is a lifelong Quaker who researches and writes about religious language and practices. Rhiannon is also Deputy Programmes Leader, Centre for Research in Quaker Studies and supports our postgraduate programmes and research work.

Timothy Ashworth is Biblical Studies tutor with a particular interest in the earliest Christian communities. He is also Interfaith Coordinator and responsible for our ecumenical and interfaith work.

Our team of tutors is supported by our educational administration team and library staff.

Associate Tutors

Woodbrooke also has a large number of volunteer and freelance Associate Tutors who help to run our learning programme and deliver many of our courses. If you are interested in offering service as an Associate Tutor then please contact us.