General Studies Thesis – Not Yet Summarised

As well as Quaker studies theses, this list includes some more general theses with substantial Quaker studies content.
A. Augstein (1996), James C. Prichard’s views of mankind: an anthropologist between the Enlightenment and the Victorian Age
PhD thesis, University of London

Maureen Bell (1987), Women Publishers of Puritan Literature in the Mid-seventeenth Century: three case studies
PhD thesis, University of Loughborough, UK

Annie Boggess (2012), The Centrality of the Collective: Sustaining Activism through Community, Integrity, and Nurture and Care
BA dissertation, Haverford College, USA

Mary B. A. Bruin (2005), The transcription and notation of Elizabeth Fry’s journal 1780-1845
PhD thesis, Brunel University

Jennifer Connerley (2006), Friendly Americans: Representing Quakers in the United States, 1850-1920
PhD thesis, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

Amy Culley (2007), Women’s Life-Writing 1760-1830: spiritual selves, sexual characters and revolutionary subjects
PhD thesis, Queen Mary College, University of London, UK

Gordon Russell DesBrisay (1989), Authority and discipline in Aberdeen, 1650-1700
PhD thesis, University of St Andrews, UK

Eric J. Evans (1970), A History of the Tithe System in England, 1690-1850 with special reference to Staffordshire (contains substantial information on Quaker opposition to tithes)
PhD thesis , University of Warwick, UK

Helen Forde (1977), Derbyshire Quakers, 1650-1761
PhD thesis, University of Leicester, UK

Paul Morton Geldart (2006), Protestant Nonconformity and Sectarianism in Restoration Northamptonshire
PhD thesis, University of Leicester, UK

Daniel Giansante (2012), “”Authority Freed From Violence”: Roberts Vaux’s Anti-Slavery and the Creation of the Separate System at Eastern State Penitentiary”
BA dissertation, Haverford College, USA

Sarah Glaser (2012), State and Religion: Austrian Nazi Quaker Identity in World War II
BA dissertation, Haverford College, USA

Maggie Goddard (2011), “Toward a New Hermeneutics of Space: Remapping the Religious and the Carceral in the American Imagination”
BA dissertation, Haverford College, USA

Shannon Catrett Huggins (2010), The Power of Preaching: Female Identity, Legitimacy and Leadership in American Quakerism, 1700-1776
PhD thesis, University of Auburn, USA

Ann Jones (2010), Quakers and Social Reform in England 1780-1870
PhD thesis, Murdoch University, Australia

Christopher Jordan (2007), Steering Taste: Ernest Marsh, a study of private collecting in England in the early 20th century
PhD thesis, University of the Arts London, UK

Nora Elaine Joyes (2006), The History of Carlton in Coverdale, 1086-1910
PhD thesis, University of Leeds

Caroline L. Leachman (1997), From an ‘Unruly Sect’ to a Society of ‘Strict Unity’: The Development of Quakerism in England c. 1650-1689
PhD thesis, University College London, UK

Nicholas Ward Lowery (1994), Patriarchal Negotiations: Women, Writing and Religion 1640-1660
PhD thesis, Queen Mary College, University of London, UK

Luke McKinstry (2010), Did not our Lord bear the heavy cross of wood to Calvary and almost sink beneath it? : Theology, Business, and Social Activism in the Philadelphia Quaker Community, 1907-1927
BA dissertation, Haverford College, USA

Susan Ann Pattison (2010), Spiritual Capital: an inquiry into the values that provide meaning and purpose to staff in Quaker schools
DEd thesis, University of Hull, UK

John Powers (2006), “Growing Up Quaker” in the Civil War Era
BA dissertation, Haverford College, USA

Michael C. Rowlinson (1987), Cadbury’s New Factory System, 1879-1919 
PhD thesis, Aston University, UK

Ginger Stevens (2003), Educating for social justice? : hierarchy and principles of equality in the staff experience at an elite Quaker school
BA dissertation, Haverford College, USA

Betty Kathryn Tonsing (1993), The Quakers in South Africa: a social witness
PhD thesis, Rhodes University, South Africa

Stuart B. Trinder (1980), The Social and Economic History of Banbury between 1830 and 1880 
PhD thesis, University of Leicester, UK

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