Staff: Ben Pink Dandelion

Ben Pink Dandelion is Honorary Professor and Programmes Leader for the Centre for Postgraduate Quaker Studies at the University of Birmingham. He both teaches and supervises postgraduate students in a variety of fields, and his own specialism is Sociology of Religion.

Research Interests

Present-day Quakerism; Sociology of religion, Quaker eschatology and liturgy.

Publications Include:

Introduction to Quakerism. Cambridge: CUP, 2007

With Jackie Leach Scully, eds, Good and Evil: Quaker perspectives, Aldershot: Ashgate,  2007.

The Quakers: a very short introduction. Oxford: OUP, 2008.

With Peter Collins (eds), The Quaker Condition: the sociology of a liberal religion. Newcastle, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009.

With Margery Post Abbott, Mary Ellen Chijioke, and John Oliver (eds), The Historical Dictionary of Quakerism. Second Edition. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press,  2011.

With Stephen W. Angell (eds), The Oxford Handbook of Quaker Studies, Oxford: OUP, 2013.