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    An Introduction to Peace Education – Summer 2020

    This introduction to the theory and practice of peace education draws upon the experience of Quaker Peace and Social Witness to explore how we can support the development of children’s inner peace, help children to understand conflict and their relationship with it, and engage children with wider peace issues, from the ethics of armed drones to conscientious objection and human rights. We will endeavour to establish a supportive learning community and encourage reflective practice and peer learning and assessment.

    This course is aimed at educators interested in learning the principles and practice of peace education.  It  is a total of 12-15 hours of flexible learning with two webinars which are recorded for play back.

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    Woodbrooke and Quakers in Britain working in partnership.

    If this course is full, please join the waiting list so that we can let you know if we add more places or contact you with information about when the course will run again.

    Radical Listening – December 2020

    What does it mean and what does it feel like to really listen, to listen with our whole selves? Have we lost this simple and yet transformative practice in the midst of our busy lives?

    During this workshop we will embark on some activities to help us learn to listen, develop skills to help us stay focussed, and practice these skills.

    Testimony: fruits of the spirit

    We see Testimony as transformation resulting from our relationship with God, leading us into a spirit-led life which may be at odds with the surrounding culture. This course will look at our own lives, how we are transformed and in turn transform the world around us.

    This course will explore Testimony; we will consider a biblical basis, our understanding of Testimony over the last 60 years and how we live as a Quaker in the world today.

    This online course will look at what we are called to do and how we are called to do it. Can we find our authentic voice together?

    ‘…the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control._’ Galatians 5:22-23

    Bayard Rustin: reflections on his life and witness

    Bayard Rustin was one of the most important civil, human and labour rights activists. African American and gay, his life’s work was in standing up for marginalised people. He was an important influence on Martin Luther King, persuading him to adopt the principles of non-violent resistance in the struggle for civil rights. This online course will explore how he put his Quaker faith into action. A study of his writings and songs, as well as literature, film and art inspired by him, will allow us to approach his life from a variety of perspectives.

    Living the Peace Testimony

    How has the peace testimony been lived through history? How do Quakers in other countries live it? How can we work on peace globally?This is a series of 4 webinars which will cover early Quakers, the 1914-18 world war, peace activism in East Africa and quiet diplomacy. It is a chance to learn about historical and current Quaker peace work and think about how it might inform our own witness.

    Webinar 1: Stuart Masters looks at the emergence of the peace testimony
    Webinar 2: Different responses to the peace testimony in the 1914-18 world war
    Webinar 3: Living the peace testimony in East Africa
    Webinar 4: Quaker responses to international conflicts

    Participants can register to join one or more or all the webinars or watch recordings. There will be a moderated forum for further discussions and links to relevant resources.