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    Anger Management with Art

    Please note: There is an error in our latest brochure. This course runs from Friday 10 May to Sunday 12 May (not Wednesday 8 to Friday 10 May as advertised).

    This course is for anyone who wants to look at anger issues using art materials – those wanting to look at their own anger, those working with others who are angry, or both. No ability in art is needed, just a willingness to have a go. We will look at what anger is; whether it is good or bad; at the physical symptoms of anger; the influence of early family patterns; using relaxation and assertiveness to manage anger more constructively.

    Towards a Quaker response to Israel and Palestine

    Should Friends do more to promote reconciliation in Israel-Palestine?  In this course we will explore together the roots of the conflict. and the role of cross-border initiatives such as the Parents' Circle Families Forum.  We will ask what other steps might be acceptable to many Palestinians and Israelis.  Among Quaker peacemakers some see their chief role as "prophets", others as "reconcilers".  Both can contribute to this enquiry.

    Please note that the correct dates for this course are: Monday 13 - Wednesday 15 May 2019.

    Becoming a Band of Everyday Prophets

    What does the prophetic voice sound like in our time? The everyday prophet listens for the Holy in the midst of the turmoil of ordinary life and lives out of the wisdom the spirit opens in our hearts. We will explore how our meetings might nurture us as we become everyday prophets creating a community that sustains all of us as we faithfully witness to God's way in actions large and small

    Finding meaning in the margins.

    Most of us have felt on the margins at times. But how can we find comfort or solace – or even transformation – through such experiences? We will look at margins in nature, in the lives of social and spiritual reformers, artists and others, as well as in our own lives. We will look at the extent to which marginal experiences are universal, and how they can lead to renewal and healing of ourselves and the world in which we live. The weekend will be highly participatory, using music, poetry, nature and people's experiences, including our own.

    Quaker Feminism? Exploring contributions of early Quaker Feminists to Women´s Rights

    This course will explore the disproportionate role that early Quaker feminists made to the advancement of women's rights. Women such as Alice Paul, Lucretia Mott, Susan Anthony, Angelina Grimke, Abby Foster, and Elizabeth Stanton were key figures in the first wave of feminism and the suffragette movement. Unfortunately, today they are not household names and their contributions often forgotten or not even known about. We will discuss and celebrate their achievements, while also looking at what role spirituality played in their activism and ideas about gender equality. We will also debate how feminism developed within global Quakerism both historically and today.

    Beyond the Spirit of the Age: The 1996 Swarthmore Lecture Revisited – and Revised?

    How much has changed in the two decades since Jonathan Dale gave his prophetic Swarthmore lecture challenging Friends to renew their social testimony? Does that challenge need updating for our time? During our time together we will reflect on how our faith asks us to engage with a society that remains both economically and politically polarised. To what extent do our lifestyles of comfort and convenience accommodate us to this world, and how might we become agents of change? Join us as we listen and learn from one another.

    Voices of the Earth

    Please note: There is an error in our latest brochure. This course runs from Monday 2 September to Friday 6 September (not Monday to Wednesday as advertised).

    This popular course uses the rich resources of Woodbrooke's art room and extensive gardens to explore creatively our relationships with the world we inhabit. With new directions offered by the tutors each year, we will engage hands-on with poetry and a range of media and art forms, familiar and unfamiliar. Working both individually and collaboratively to recharge our ways of seeing and sensing, we will discover fresh perspectives on the world in its variety and of our place within it.

    Towards Forgiveness

    Our lives as individuals and communities are often damaged by unresolved conflicts, injury and hurts. How can we deal with painful events and move towards understanding, forgiveness and reconciliation? How do we help ourselves and others heal and move on? Drawing on their experience, the tutors will help you deepen your understanding of the process of forgiveness, reconciliation and healing and help you to become a source of strength within your community. This course will not address individual therapeutic needs.

    Envisioning a world that is open to all: let us see what love can do

    Please note: There is an error in our latest brochure. This course starts on Friday 27 September (not Wednesday 25 September as advertised).

    A weekend conference learning about asylum and migration, hearing from those who have felt its impact, and working together to create the change that we need. Speakers, workshops, performances and panel discussions will explore the interplay between race, privilege and migration - how does it work, what can we do? Language and the media: challenging and changing the language of migration - Migration and the arts: how migration enriches our communities and how the arts can bring about change - The UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration

    Let Your Life Preach

    Are we challenging the injustices in the world? In worship are we hearing the cries of the world and are we responding to the call to act? Together we will explore the roots of our tradition to see how this helps us today. ‘In our communities we can find ways to challenge, to test and to work together to build the kingdom of heaven on earth. This may be challenging, this may be uncomfortable but we can work together with love and tenderness. Friends, it’s time to ask ourselves, if we were accused of being Quakers, would there be enough evidence to convict us?’ Each week there will be video, audio and written materials. This course can be completed in your own time. You can share your thoughts and ask questions in the weekly forums.

    Practical skills in non-violence

    Dreaming of a more peaceful and just world? Join us as we share ideas, thinking, practice and real life examples about collective action through nonviolent means. Whether you are an experienced activist wanting some space to reflect or you’re wondering about how to make a difference (and everything in between!) – you are very welcome to participate.

    Protest Songs

    This day event takes place at Watford Quaker Meeting House

    Singing can bring joy and lift up our hearts. This one day workshop is for anyone who wishes to learn the songs that sing out against injustice and to sing the words of hope for a changed world. Come and spend a day learning songs of protest in the company of other singers, passionate for a just and compassionate society. This one day workshop is being held at Watford Quaker Meeting House from 11 – 4pm. Please bring a packed lunch, drinks will be provided.

    Workshop leaders:

    Maud Grainger is Woodbrooke's Faith in Action Tutor. She is interested in how we live our witness in the world and community activism.

    Mark Russ is Woodbrooke’s Nurturing Friends and Meetings Tutor. His interests include Christian theology and the Bible, music and worship, intentional community and apocalyptic spirituality.