Training for Quaker Roles

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    Eldership and Oversight online – September

    This six-week online course will help all those serving in eldership and oversight to gain better understanding and confidence in their role – whatever the system in their meeting. The six modules cover the full range of topics included in the separate and combined eldership and oversight onsite courses, with options to focus on elements of particular relevance. You should allow two to three hours a week for pursuing this course.

    There is no requirement to be online at a particular time except for a one-hour webinar once a week. These Zoom video meetings are planned to allow for different time zones. Times and dates will be provided as early as possible in advance of the course start date.

    Being a Quaker Clerk online – October

    This online course, for new or prospective clerks with little or no experience of Quaker clerking, is based on the on-site course with the same name. The five modules cover the clerk’s role before, during and after a Meeting for Worship for Business. We also consider why we use our particular business style in our meetings. We will focus on clerking local meetings, but clerks of other meetings, including area meetings, will also find they can learn much about their role.

    This course involves a time commitment of approximately two to three hours per week.

    Quaker Nominations online – October

    An entirely online course for anyone involved in Quaker nominations. We will aim to root ourselves in good practices of discernment whilst responding to the particular issues that face us. Nominations are at the quiet heart of the way we live together as Friends, when we listen faithfully to the Spirit. By taking two to three hours a week over six weeks to reflect, we hope you will gain a renewed insight into the potential of nominations to strengthen meetings and enable them to flourish.

    This course involves a time commitment of approximately two to three hours per week.